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Aye Mi San worked in Singaproe with Chinese family for 2 year.She can speak english. She can cook Chinese & Myanmar Food. She can take care of children, elderly and pets. She is hardworking and obiedient. She can follow employer's instructions.

13/09/2014 to 09/09/2016(2 stories Landed House)

There are total 8 persons includes of 2 children (3 months and 3 years old )when she worked there. She cooked for them, took care of children and houseworks such as cleaning , marketing and laundry.She also had to take care of 3 big dogs. She went back after she finished contract.

Currently she work with Chinese family from Nov 2016 till date, Her dutie to do house cleaning,iroining,mopping,marketing cooking and take care of dog.

Feel free to call for more information to Wendy @ 67380161/91180161

Married (33)
Ref: SFE-3140
Upd on 18-Jan-17

Me Sawe have experince in Singapore for 5 yrs and 1 mth. Her first employment she work for 3 yrs from 2009 to 2012 with indian family. Her main duties were general house chores cleanning, mopping,iroining,marketing and cooking.

After finish 3 yrs contract she transfer indian family she work frm oct 2012 to march 2013.Next she transfer to another family work frm march 2013 to jan 2014,Her dutie to take care of 2 childrens age 6 yrs and 5 mths. Next she work with indian family frm jan 2014 to nov 2014.

Currently she work for Indian Family from Nov 2015 till date, The family consits of 2 adults and i child age 5 years,Her duties were general household chores like cleaning of the house, washing of clothes, laundry, ironing, marketing,washing and cook for the family.Aside that she also take care of the child.She ensure that the child has a clean and ensure the safety of the child. Every morning she prepare school uniform and breakfast for children,She also prepare lunch and dinner for the family.

She can cook Indian dishes.She is willing to learn cooking new dishes if given the opportunity.She is also willing to learn to meet the potential employer's requirements.

She is available for face to face interview. She asking 2 off days

Single (31)
Ref: SFE-2863
Upd on 17-Jan-17

ZIN LAY MON is a fresh maid who wants to come and work in Singapore. She is a widow and have 2 years old girl. She needs to work to provide her child. She can come to Singapore within a week upon approval. She is a hardworking and obedient girl who is willing to follow employer's instructions.

Working Experience:

ZIN LAY worked as a helper in Myanmar for about 4 years to provide her family. Her duties includes taking care the Employer's child, General household chores & cooking. She also had experienced in taking care of elderly.She can cook Myanmar food, and is willing to learn if employer can teach her. She is Young & hardworking and motivated to work in Singapore to provide for her Family.She is willing to learn and listen to her employer's instructions.

Feel free to call for more information to Wendy @ 67380161/91180161.

Widowed (26)
Ref: SFE-3410
Upd on 21-Dec-16
Married (32)
Ref: SFE-3395
Upd on 11-Dec-16

Khin Thar Kyi is an experienced maid who worked in Singapore for about 2 years. She can speak basic english. She can cook Chinese food. she can follow employer's instructions. She is hardworking and obedient.She can take care of elderly and childrean as well as pets.

Her employement records are as below:

08/02/2014 to 12/01/2015

She worked with Chinese family consisting of 2 audlts, one year old child & a dog in Two stories house.Her main duties is to take care of a baby as well as a small dog. She cooked for them as well as houseworks such as cleaning, marketing, laundry, and ironing. She went back to Myanmar because of her mother's funeral.

02/04/2015 to 10/05/2016

She worked with Chinese family consisting of 2 audlts(Ah ma and her sister) in condo.Her main duties is to take care of Ah ma, cooking as well as houseworks such as cleaning, marketing, laundry, and ironing. She went back to Myanmar after her husband passed away.

Feel free to call for more information to Wendy @ 67380161/91180161

Married (38)
Ref: SFE-3162
Upd on 11-Dec-16
Married (35)
Ref: SFE-3343
Upd on 02-Nov-16
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